Public Relations • Crisis Management

Lipsett & Associates, Inc. offers public affairs consulting and communications strategies for corporate, non-profit and political clients. Formed in 1992, the firm has been successful in local, state and national campaigns, corporate media relations and promoting non-profits.

Our specialties include:

Communication Strategies – Our public relations firm has run successful media relations campaigns for non-profits, political candidates and corporate clients.  With strong writing abilities and a wealth of media contacts, we can put your name and story in front of the media and the public.  As former newspaper publishers and now in public relations, we can draft and execute a communications strategy that fits with your needs and desires.

Public Affairs – We assist you in interaction with federal state and local governments.  Our knowledge is both academic and personal.  Cathy is a former elected chairman of the Marietta Board of Education, and Allan is former press secretary to Speaker Newt Gingrich.  While we specialize in Republican initiatives, we are well connected with members on both sides of the aisle in Atlanta and Washington.

Crisis Management – In a crisis situation, knowing how to deliver your message can make the difference in the future of your business or organization. Whether you are meeting with the press for the first time or are a veteran, you can always improve your technique. We offer real-world training in crisis communication as well as media training, both can be beneficial in your dealings with the news media.

Advertising – We have developed and placed advertising campaigns for educational institutions, non-profits, political candidates and corporate clients for both print and broadcast.

Education – We have dealt with educational issues on the local state and congressional levels.  Whether you are trying to educate your employees, or customers, working to improve educational policy or seeking a community relations project by partnering with an educational institution we can build a communications and public affairs strategy that will reach your goal.